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Political Expediency Over Principles: Kassim Afegbua’s Stunning U-Turn (Part 1)

By Rev Olu Martins

Prince Kassim Afegbua’s sudden celebration of Senator Monday Okpevhbolo’s candidacy as the APC governorship candidate in Edo State raises serious questions about his integrity and commitment to democratic values.

Just recently, Afegbua condemned Okpevhbolo’s declaration as the APC candidate, calling it a “rape of democracy.” Yet, today, he is enthusiastically supporting the same individual he previously deemed “illiterate” and “incompetent” for the same position.

This stunning reversal begs several questions:

-Why the sudden change of heart, Prince Afegbua? What prompted this revisionism? ( His regular trade mark);

-How can you justify supporting a candidate you once publicly denounced as unfit for office?

-How do you expect the people of Edo State to trust your judgment, given your glaring inconsistency which has a history?

-What has changed, apart from your political calculations?

Any surprise that the cheap and smart survivalist suddenly finds primacy in the candidacy of the same Senator Monday Okpevhbolo as the standard bearer of the same APC ticket!

Political hirelings such Kassim Afegbua and establishment paid political analysts deserve Edo people’s empathy for the way they vaccilate, and their deliberate obliteration of the truth, and promotion of half-truths after his woeful gubernatorial contest to secure All Progressives Congress (APC) ticket allegedly won by Senator Monday Okpevhbolo, whose victory he earlier called fraud and an illegality.

Kassim Afegbua was on several television stations where he successfully wore his now paymaster very dull and tartarred robes of fraud and corruption lacking lustre and charm

Edo people deserve leaders who stand by their convictions, not those who prioritize political expediency over principles. Afegbua’s flip-flop personality undermines his credibility and raises concerns about his ability to make informed, unbiased decisions that serve the best interests of the state.

Rev Olu Martins is the deputy director general of the Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council. He writes from Benin City, Edo State.



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