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Replace HND With B.Tech – Poly Rector Appeals

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja , Nigeria

The Rector of the Federal Polytechnic in Ayede Ogbomosho, Oyo State, Dr. (Engr.) Taofeek Adekunle Abdul-hameed, has urged President Bola Tinubu to consider replacing the Higher National Diploma (HND) with a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech).

During a live radio program in Ibadan duly monitored by Truth Live News, Dr. Abdul-hameed emphasized the need to address the educational dichotomy between polytechnic and university graduates. He highlighted that a league of Rectors has collectively called for this change, asserting that both polytechnic undergraduates and lecturers are on par with their university counterparts.

Dr. Abdul-Hameed stressed the crucial role of technical skills and entrepreneurship in driving economic development. Drawing parallels with successful economies like China and the United Arab Emirates, he emphasized the reliance on citizen skills for national prosperity.

He pointed out the distinctive focus of polytechnics on practical technical training and entrepreneurship, essential for equipping students for the evolving job market. Dr. Abdul-Hameed stressed the imperative for students to acquire practical skills to become self-employed post-graduation, especially in light of the scarcity of white-collar jobs.

Addressing the issue of accessibility to education, Dr. Abdul-Hameed commended the Federal Government’s efforts in providing financial support to indigent students through scholarships and education loans. However, he advocated for lower tuition fees and interest-free loans to further facilitate access to education.

In discussing the tenure of the education loan, Dr. Abdul-Hameed suggested a two-year repayment period, emphasizing the importance of integrating skill acquisition into the curriculum to enable graduates to repay the loan. He acknowledged the possibility of extending or renewing the loan term to accommodate students’ circumstances.

In conclusion, Dr. Abdul-Hameed reiterated the urgency for President Bola Tinubu to enact the proposed bill to replace HND with B.Tech, emphasizing its significance in bridging the educational gap and fostering economic growth through practical skill development. He urged stakeholders to prioritize policies that promote skill acquisition and entrepreneurship to equip graduates for the demands of the modern workforce.

This appeal reflects the ongoing discourse surrounding educational reform and highlights the pivotal role of polytechnics in nurturing a skilled workforce and driving national development agendas.



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