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Residents Mourn as Mysterious 84-Year Old Crocodile Dies In Ibadan

Felicia Udeji Reporting

Ibadan, Nigeria

Residents of Oje area of Ibadan in Ibadan North East local Government rushed out to catch a glimpse of a crocodile which died after 84 years.

The crocodile, before its death, was tamed at the popular Delesolu’s Palace, Ibadan. During its lifetime, it attracted many tourists both within and outside Nigeria to the ancient city of Ibadan as a result of its uniqueness.

When speaking about the mysterious crocodile, the head of the family and a very respected Chief in Ibadan land, Chief Raufu Yusuff Delesolu (Ayingun Olubadan), said it was brought to the “Igbejo Delesolu in 1940 after the first one was bought by some white men. Since then, it has been in Delesolu’s compound until its demise”.

Chief Raufu further explained that the white people from all walks of life including Africans loved seeing and feeding it with all sorts of food.

He said, “I grew up to know the pet as it had been in existence before I was born, It’s about 84 years.”

“Historically, the crocodile had never been reported to be a god as our fathers did not at any moment worship it.
They only visit it every day to feed it and to be sure of its well-being”

Still quoting his father, the head of the family stated that, “In the olden days before its house was adequately constructed, the crocodile used to crawl out whenever there was heavy rain and men in the compound would now start searching for it. There was a day when it was found in the muddy gutter very close to the palace, at Ojo-Ibadan compound to be precise. It was later brought back to its house.”



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