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Rudiger Denies Terrorism Allegations, Clarifies Instagram Post

Real Madrid defender, Antonio Rudiger, has refuted rumors circulating in the media accusing him of supporting terrorism.

Rudiger, a devout Muslim, shared a photo on Instagram earlier this month, showing himself in prayer attire on a prayer mat, accompanied by a caption extending Ramadan wishes to Muslims worldwide.

The post came under scrutiny when former BILD editor, Julian Reichel, misinterpreted the gesture as supporting terrorism, referring to it as the ‘IS finger’ gesture.

In response to the allegations, Rudiger addressed the issue for the first time, dismissing the accusations as unfounded.

He explained, “‘To mark the beginning of Lent, I published a post on Instagram.’ This has already been publicly viewable for 13 days (since March 11) and has reached several million followers without any criticism from anyone. ‘But in recent days the photo has been used by individuals to make unfounded accusations.'”

Rudiger clarified that the gesture he used, known as the tawheed finger, symbolizes unity and uniqueness of God in Islam and has been deemed unproblematic by the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

As a devout Muslim, he emphasized his commitment to peace and tolerance, distancing himself from extremism and terrorism.

He further addressed the misunderstanding, acknowledging the opportunity it gave for deliberate misinterpretation to fuel division in society. Rudiger emphasized his determination to combat propaganda and division.

Rudiger expressed gratitude to the DFB for their support and concluded by stating his hope for the clarification to dispel misunderstandings and uphold the truth.



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