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Ruger Faces Criticism For His ‘Distasteful’ Tweet On Women Who Attend His Boat Cruise

Onyinyechukwu Ede reporting

Nigerian artist Michael Olayinka Adebayo, also known as Ruger, has faced flak for a tweet he sent to ladies who intend to visit his boat.

Although he has already removed the tweet, many Netizens are shocked by the content.

Ruger openly specifies that any lady who wants to be a passenger on his boat must be willing to have her bikini shifted.

He wrote:

“Anything wey make you enter my boat go ilashe, your bikini must shift. No be only content you come shoot baby”.

See some reactions to the post here:

@heymissjasmine added: “Someone that went on a podcast and talked about how Nigerian women are ugly . And how the only thing black women had to offer was a fat ass and he would rather be with a white woman cos they now have fat asses too. That Ruger? 😂😂”

@CRawkeen commented: “Person serious babe go enter boat go shoot dope content to chase the bag but Ruger go shift her pant because “I don tell you before” . Omo werey”

@Yenshi_ claimed: “Not surprised he tweeted such! What do you expect from a nigga that acts such way on stage with women🤦🏾‍♂️”

@onetwopee said: “just look at the careless talk, an artist who can pull babes easily rather insists on imposing, tomorrow if he’s accused, they’d say they want to tear him down when he’s the weapon fashioned against himself”

@the_ayomikun asked: “How are you saying this in big 2024?”

@JajaPHD wrote: “If he makes this known to those he invites on his boat before they set sail or in advance like he has done with this tweet, how’s he a rapist?
This tweet would only be an issue if he doesn’t pre-inform his guests, no?”



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