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Sabotage Exposed, As Truth Live News Removes Inaccurate Article On ISTH’s CMD

Investigations have revealed that the report sent in by our correspondent on Thursday, 9th of November, 2023, where the acting Chief Medical Director of the Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Prof Reuben Agbons Eifediyi, was quoted to have said he was confirmed as the substantive CMD after coming top in the interview with him and other candidates.


The acting CMD had on the same day called the online newspaper to deny ever granting such an interview, which prompted the management to immediately open an investigation where it was found out that the fellow who called our correspondent was not the CMD, Prof Reuben Agbons Eifediyi. Hence, the publication was pulled down without delay.

We wrote a letter of apology to the institution’s head while placing our reporter on suspension after we discovered that the person he spoke with was someone who was working with the acting CMD’s contemporaries to sabotage his interest.


We regret the embarrassment the report might have caused the institution and its management.

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