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Senator Natasha Gifts 6 Trucks of Grains, to Her Constituents in Ramadan

Toba Owojaiye reporting
Lokoja, Kogi state

In a bid to cushion the economic challenges plaguing her constituents, Senator Natasha Akpoti-Uduaghan, the distinguished representative of Kogi Central senatorial district, has embarked on a benevolent endeavor by distributing six trucks laden with essential grains. This compassionate initiative seeks to alleviate the prevalent economic hardship gripping the nation, particularly during these trying times.

Truth Live News gathered that the generous allocation comprised of a total of 7,200 bags of rice, beans, and millet, meticulously distributed across the 57 Wards spanning the five local government areas within the senatorial district.

Senator Natasha’s unwavering commitment to the welfare of her constituents transcends political boundaries, as evidenced by the diverse array of beneficiaries, encompassing members of the Muslim and Christian communities, drivers’ unions, motorcycle taxi associations, mechanics’ unions, pensioners, as well as various ethnic communities such as the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba.

Emphasizing her dedication to inclusivity, Senator Natasha reiterated that the distribution aims to benefit all constituents, irrespective of their political affiliations. This noble gesture highlights her steadfast resolve to uphold the principles of democracy and ensure that the dividends of governance reach every stratum of society.

Beyond her legislative duties, Senator Natasha’s exemplary leadership extends to grassroots development initiatives. Her previous accomplishments, such as the installation of street lights in her community during her inaugural month in office, exemplify her proactive approach to addressing local challenges and enhancing the quality of life for her constituents.

As the holy month of Ramadan heralds a period of fasting and reflection for Muslims nationwide, Senator Natasha’s timely intervention in alleviating food scarcity resonates deeply with the spirit of compassion and solidarity that defines this sacred occasion. Senator Natasha is truly beautiful on the outside and inside.



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