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Shettima Engages Dangote, Elumelu in Bold Human Capital Development Initiative

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria



Vice President Kashim Shettima has convened a high-profile meeting at the Presidential Villa, bringing together influential figures such as Aliko Dangote, Chairman of the Dangote Group, and Tony Elumelu, founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, along with other key players from the private sector.

Truth Live News reports that the gathering, attended by the Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Muhammad Ali Pate, and international development partners, including the Country Director of the World Bank, Schubham Chaudhuri, marks a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s pursuit of robust human capital development (HCD).

Vice-President Shettima has given the green light for the establishment of a multi-sectoral committee aimed at addressing human capital development challenges in Nigeria. This initiative stems from the National Economic Council’s 2018 launch of the HCD program, designed to combat poverty, enhance investments in the Nigerian populace, and elevate the country’s human development indices.

The committee, comprising representatives from federal and state governments, as well as donors and partners, will convene every two weeks to monitor the progress of the HCD program.

During the meeting, Shettima emphasized the imperative for government and partners to invest in human capital development, fostering a workforce not only globally competitive but also adaptable to the demands of the 21st century.

The Vice President stated, “This gathering marks our collective recommitment to redirecting the promise and potential of our human capital towards safeguarding the economy.”

He acknowledged the pivotal role played by Dangote and Elumelu in the country’s development, underscoring the profound impact of leadership quality on societal progress.

The commitment to the HCD program received widespread support. Minister Ali Pate stressed the importance of investing in human resources and ensuring accountability through accurate data. Dangote applauded the administration’s dedication to addressing human capital challenges, urging stakeholders to tackle the issue of inaccurate data, a critical hurdle in HCD initiatives.

Elumelu echoed his support for the federal government’s initiative, pledging unwavering commitment. World Bank’s Chaudhuri pledged support in technical assistance and database strengthening, emphasizing collaboration to fast-track human capital development across all levels of government.

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