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SHOCKING: (Video) How Youths Thwart Ballot Snatching Operation in Imo State

Toba Owojaiye Reporting

Ikeduru, Imo state



In a shocking turn of events, the youths of Imo state have taken a decisive stand against alleged electoral malpractice. Acting in what some describe as a “gestapo manner,” they rose to defend their votes at the Amakohia Ikeduru Collation Center in Ikeduru LGA. The police officers involved are purportedly linked to Chief Charles Amadi (Chavon), an influential APC Chieftain in the region.

Reports suggest that Chief Charles Amadi allegedly ordered the officers to snatch ballots at the collation center where the APC faced defeat. In a scene reminiscent of political thriller dramas, the youths managed to capture one of the policemen, prompting the others to flee. This incident sheds light on the lengths some politicians are willing to go to secure victory, raising questions about the integrity of the electoral process.

The disturbing twist in this tale is the alleged involvement of law enforcement officers as agents employed to manipulate election results. Such a revelation underscores the deep-seated issues within the electoral system, highlighting a concerning level of decay and corruption. As citizens grapple with the aftermath of these events, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in fostering a fair and transparent democratic process.

Watch the video below:

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