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Sowore Departs Nigeria for USA After Five-Year Ordeal


Toba Owojaiye reporting
Abuja, Nigeria.


In a poignant departure, Omoyele Sowore, renowned activist and presidential candidate of the AAC Action Alliance Congress, bade farewell to Nigeria after enduring nearly five years of detention.

Sowore’s journey back to the United States marks the end of a tumultuous chapter marred by what he described as “unlawful, unjust, and inhuman detention” within Nigeria’s political system since August 2019.

Reflecting on his harrowing ordeal, Sowore recounts being arrested, assaulted, and tortured for championing the cause of a Nigeria where citizens can rightfully claim ownership.

His unwavering stance against governmental oppression led to trumped-up charges of treason, only to be withdrawn by the APC government after half a decade of “imprisonment”.

In a statement made available to Truth Live News, despite the hardships endured – from separation from family to the loss of a brother to violence – Sowore remains resolute in his commitment to Nigeria. He reaffirmed his dedication to fighting for the welfare of the Nigerian people and holding leaders accountable for their actions.

Sowore’s departure underscores the urgent need for systemic reform in Nigeria. He emphasized the persistence of corruption and worsening economic conditions, with inflation crippling households and currency devaluation exacerbating financial woes.

Looking ahead, Sowore vows to continue his lifelong pursuit of a just and egalitarian society, undeterred by the challenges that lie ahead. His brief trip to reunite with family serves as a temporary respite before returning to the frontline of Nigeria’s struggle for liberation.

Sowore extended his heartfelt gratitude to his supporters, including family, legal counsel, and fellow revolutionaries, who stood unwaveringly by his side throughout his tribulations.

His departure signals not an end, but a continuation of the fight for a Nigeria free from corruption and led by leaders genuinely committed to uplifting the populace.

As Sowore asserts, Nigeria’s liberation is inevitable, and he remains steadfast in his resolve to see this vision through to fruition

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