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Sowore Gets Heroes’ Welcome in New Jersey 

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Abuja, Nigeria 


After a five-year absence, Omoyele Sowore, the prominent figure behind the #RevolutionNow movement, has returned to the United States to reunite with his family and friends. The journey, laden with legal battles and activism, culminated in a heartfelt reception in Haworth, New Jersey, where Sowore was welcomed with warmth and honored by the community.

Truth Live News gathered Sowore’s arrival marked the end of a prolonged legal saga in Nigeria. Following a Federal High Court order to release his passport, Sowore departed from Lagos, Nigeria, to Washington, D.C., where he was greeted by loved ones and supporters. Despite initial confrontations at the airport, his journey proceeded smoothly, with Newark International Airport serving as the backdrop for a joyous reunion.

Upon his arrival, Sowore wasted no time in reengaging with his community. The City of Haworth organized a reception, attended by esteemed guests including US Congressman Josh Gottheimer. Sowore expressed gratitude for the support he received during his time in Nigeria, highlighting the parallels between his small hometown and the tight-knit community in Haworth.

The event served as a platform for reflection, with Sowore’s wife, Opeyemi, acknowledging the solidarity of women who advocated for his release. Amidst speeches and heartfelt gestures, Sowore’s daughter honored him with a touching poem, depicting him as “a man with a big heart.”

The significance of Sowore’s return extends beyond personal reunions. It symbolizes a victory for activism and resilience, fostered by the Nigerian government’s decision to discontinue the treasonable felony case against him and his co-defendant, Olawale Bakare.

When asked if he would ever return to Nigeria, he responded affirmatively in his unwavering quest to rid Nigeria of corruption and injustice from people in positions of power.



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