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Stakeholder Denounces Alleged Deceptive Fitness Walk by Labour Party Candidate in Benin City


Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria


In a statement released today, Hon Chief Ezehi MD Igbas KSJI, a prominent figure in the Obidient project and former M/Whip of the Edo State House of Assembly, vehemently distanced himself and his supporters from an alleged proposed fitness walk orchestrated by the Labour Party (LP) Governorship candidate scheduled to take place in Benin City on March 30th.

Numerous inquiries flooded Hon Chief Ezehi MD Igbas KSJI’s office, reflecting concerns among friends and supporters regarding their stance on the purported event. In response, he addressed the matter with grave concern, expressing firm opposition to what he described as a “farce” aimed at deceiving the public into believing that the LP gubernatorial candidate aligns with the Obidient project.

“I brashly disassociate myself from the infamous fitness walk of the LP governorship candidate and his cohort,” declared Hon Chief Ezehi MD Igbas KSJI.

In a bid to set the record straight, Hon Chief Ezehi MD Igbas KSJI underscored the dubious nature of the LP candidate’s selection process, alleging dishonesty, fraud, and the fabrication of delegates during the primaries—a stark contradiction to the principles upheld by the Obidient movement.

“The Labour Party Governorship candidate was chosen through primaries marked by dishonesty, fraud, and largely fabricated delegates—exactly the opposite of what Obidient stands for,” he stated unequivocally.

Expressing dismay at the failure of the LP candidate to unite the party’s fractured ranks in Edo, Hon Chief Ezehi MD Igbas KSJI called for dignity and urged all his supporters and members of the Obidient Family to refrain from participating in the alleged fitness walk.

“For the sake of dignity, I therefore urge all my supporters and Obidient Family to abstain from the alleged fitness walk,” he emphasized.

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