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Sunset at Noon: The Premature Political Ejaculation of the APC Produces Stillbirth — By Olu Martins


Our political history is chequered by unscrupulous political players who are willing to do anything to gain undue advantage of the political situation and hoodwink the unsuspecting public.

The revelation of the Certiied true copy of a purported judgement that allegedly annulled the primary election that produced Dr Asue Ighodalo has further gone to lend credence to the fact that there are more liars than fools in our political firmament.

That CTC which doesn’t say anything about the primary election nor the annulling of the primary election that produced Dr Asue Ighodalo just shows how desperate the opposition is willing to be to win this election.

However more worrisome are the class of media outfits who put out a story they neither verified nor were party too. The media are the gatekeepers of our democracy and must be up and doing in their task of disseminating information and safe guarding our democracy.

The Edo populace must also do their bit in fact-checking any information before they believe it how much less disseminate it. Unscrupulous politicians would do anything without caring for the consequences or side effects and APC have shown that they are experts at this. They did it with Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan so we are not surprised.

Remember that eternal vigilance is the price you pay for freedom. Edo people protect your sanity, protect your freedom and protect your democracy. Please know that this is an election season and political scavengers are already on the prowl looking for who or what to devour with lies and propaganda
Watch out!

Rev Olu Martins
Lead Spokesperson & Deputy Director General
Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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