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Team Ighodalo Exposes Dirty Antics of Opposition


Toba Owojaiye reporting
Benin City, Edo State


Amidst the mounting anticipation for the 2024 gubernatorial elections in Edo State, the political arena has become a battleground for malicious attacks orchestrated by opposition forces against Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the gubernatorial hopeful representing the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

These adversaries, evidently unsettled by Dr. Ighodalo’s soaring political prominence, have resorted to deploying hack writers and propagandists in a desperate attempt to tarnish his esteemed reputation.

The most recent endeavor in their arsenal of deceit involves a baseless accusation propagated by one Dr. Osikhena Abu of Uzairue, who seeks to link Dr. Ighodalo with the defunct company, PLANWELL, notorious for its involvement in a Ponzi Scheme back in 1992. Such unfounded allegations not only lack credibility but also carry severe legal ramifications.

In response to these spurious claims, the Dr. Asue Ighodalo Media Office vehemently refutes any association between Dr. Ighodalo and the mentioned companies. Dr. Ighodalo’s impeccable character and unwavering integrity are widely recognized by those who have had the privilege of knowing him closely.

Furthermore, it is disappointing to witness the opposition’s resort to such underhanded tactics, particularly considering the early stage of the electoral process. However, Dr. Ighodalo remains steadfast in his commitment to maintaining a campaign centered on substantive issues relevant to the welfare and progress of Edo State.

A thorough investigation into the alleged companies reveals glaring discrepancies in their registration details, further discrediting the opposition’s claims. The attempt to besmirch Dr. Ighodalo’s reputation serves as a testament to the vacuity and desperation of those behind such smear campaigns.

As the campaign unfolds, the Dr. Asue Ighodalo Media Office urges the public to dismiss these fabrications and focus on the genuine concerns facing Edo State. The people deserve a transparent and honest electoral discourse, free from the manipulative tactics employed by desperate political adversaries.

For the record, Dr. Asue Ighodalo remains resolute in his dedication to serving the people of Edo State with integrity and sincerity. The opposition’s futile attempts to tarnish his reputation only serve to underscore their lack of substantive vision for the state’s future.

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