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The Esan Agenda: The Lamentations

By Dr. Peter Uwaibi, Esq.

There comes a time when men, bound by the chains of brutal oppression, begin to find solace in the harshness of deprivation and cruelty. The Esan agenda, aimed at representing the people as governor, never envisioned the inclusion of thugs, garage boys, and agberos vying for the esteemed position of governorship.

Esan people cannot afford to overlook the opportunity presented by His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki’s unwavering commitment to equity. The traditional rulers and the entire Esan community must unite to address the pressing challenges that could derail the candidacy of our esteemed and eloquent candidate, Dr. Asue Ighodalo.

We cannot be complacent about who emerges as the governor from Esan. We must earnestly support the most qualified candidate, Dr. Ighodalo, for the office requires individuals with sound cognitive abilities, not political opportunists with empty heads. Esan people must strive to make the right choice, unaffected by inducements of a few Naira notes.

When we compare the past and present leadership in Esan land, Monday Okpebholo simply does not fit, not even as a doorman. Nigerians have suffered due to corrupt, selfish, and incompetent leadership, yet many lack the strength to stand up and fight for their fundamental rights.

The unwavering leadership of Godwin Obaseki has facilitated necessary changes that eradicated thuggery and corruption. However, his detractors have resorted to spreading unfounded rumors. Opposition parties, sensing greed and dissatisfaction among corrupt politicians, have successfully lured them with bribes to effect their unprincipled defections.

Edo people are grateful that the Obaseki government, through thoroughness and accountability, has cleansed institutions of corruption and promoted prudent executive practices. Dr. Ighodalo aims to elevate the state to one of the best developed and sustainable entities. He, along with Barrister Ogie, is committed to maintaining Obaseki’s 30-year development plan for continuity and overall benefits.

Dr. Asue Ighodalo has emerged as the overwhelming preference for governorship over Mr. Monday Okpebholo, whose lack of experience and judgment becomes evident in his public pronouncements. Regrettably, Monday Okpebholo has failed in all aspects to fulfill any meaningful promises. Some of his excuses include waiting for instructions from a fellow senator.

In their ancestral wisdom, the entire Esan community, both in Nigeria and the Diaspora, wishes that he remain active as a senator and leave governance to competent individuals like Dr. Ighodalo, known for his inventive leadership.

As a people traumatized by economic hardship, the choice of meritocracy over mediocrity cannot be overstated. With the steadfast determination of Ighodalo/Ogie, aimed at lifting people out of poverty, victory in the journey to the government house is assured.



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