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Traditionalists Advocate Integration Of Traditional Religious Knowledge Into School Curriculum

The Traditional Religion Worshippers Association has called on both Federal and State Governments to introduce schools where traditional religious knowledge would be taught as a subject, aimed at educating the younger generation.

Fayemi Fakayode, the Secretary of the Oyo State branch of the association, emphasized the importance of including traditional religious knowledge in primary and secondary curricula, similar to Islamic Religious Knowledge and Christian Religious Knowledge subjects.

Fakayode highlighted the necessity of educating young people about Yoruba history and heritage to counter misinformation and misconceptions about traditional religion.

He expressed concern that misinformation has led to negative perceptions of traditional religion and advocated for children to be educated about their own culture and religion by those who understand and respect it.

Fakayode made these remarks during the installation ceremony of two Brazilians as traditional titleholders in Alade Town, Akinye Local Government Area of Oyo State.

He urged traditionalists to initiate efforts to introduce traditional religious knowledge as a subject in schools, with the expectation that governments would support its inclusion in the curriculum.



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