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Truth Live Media Celebrates Hon. Osilama on His Birthday

On this auspicious day, The Management and staff of Truth Live Media Communications , unreservedly extend our heartfelt felicitations to a luminary among us, the esteemed Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning, Honorable Osilama J. Okuofu, on the occasion of his birthday.

In the grand tapestry of leadership, Honorable Okuofu stands not just as a thread, but as a brilliant beacon illuminating our path forward. His leadership acumen and boundless wisdom have not only guided our professional journey as a media outfit but have also seamlessly intertwined with the fabric of developmental strides in Edo State.

As we reflect on his tenure, we are reminded of his multifaceted brilliance—a boss par excellence, a superlative administrator, a diplomat navigating the complexities of governance with finesse, a bureaucrat executing duties with precision, and a technocrat harnessing innovation for societal advancement.

Yet, beyond these titles lies the essence of a true leader—a public speaker whose words resonate like symphonies, an orator whose eloquence inspires action and ignites change.

Today, as we celebrate the milestones of another year in the life of Honorable Okuofu, we do not only honor his professional achievements but also acknowledge the profound impact of his character, his integrity, and his unwavering dedication to the betterment of our collective journey.

Happy birthday, Honorable Osilama J. Okuofu. May your light continue to shine brightly, illuminating our paths and inspiring greatness in all whom you touch.

Deacon Darlington Okpehbolo Ray


Truth Live Media Communications LTD 



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