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US: Tim Scott Exits 2024 Presidential Contest

COLUMBIA, US – Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott unexpectedly announced his withdrawal from the 2024 race, following the departure of another contender, former Vice President Mike Pence, in previous weeks.

The South Carolina senator, who entered the race with optimism in May, revealed his decision on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America” alongside Trey Gowdy.

The surprising announcement left campaign staff learning about Scott’s exit by watching the show.

Scott cited voters’ clear message of “Not now, Tim” and expressed his continued love for America despite suspending his campaign.

His departure comes as he and the rest of the GOP field have struggled in a race that has been dominated by former President Donald Trump.

Despite four criminal indictments and a slew of other legal challenges, Trump continues to poll far ahead of his rivals, leading many in the party to conclude the race is effectively over, barring some stunning change of fortune.



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