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Video: Bishop Oyedepo Approves, Blesses Son’s Plan To Start Own Ministry

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting


Bishop David Oyedepo, the revered founder of Winners’ Chapel, has given his heartfelt blessing and formal approval to his son, Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, to establish his own ministry.

The announcement, made during a special service at the Winners’ Chapel headquarters, was met with profound reverence and joy among the congregation. Bishop Oyedepo, a prominent figure in the Christian community, expressed his unwavering support for his son’s decision, highlighting it as a natural progression in the divine calling.

In his address, Bishop Oyedepo spoke eloquently about the spiritual journey that led to this moment and emphasized the importance of embracing God’s plan for each individual. He shared anecdotes from Pastor Isaac’s spiritual growth and development within the Winners’ Chapel community, commending his dedication, humility, and commitment to the ministry.

Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, visibly moved by the support of his father and the congregation, expressed his gratitude and outlined his vision for the new ministry. He articulated a commitment to upholding the core values instilled by his father while also incorporating his unique perspective and approach to spreading the gospel.

The atmosphere in the church was charged with a sense of spiritual unity and excitement as Bishop Oyedepo laid hands on his son, symbolizing the transfer of spiritual authority and imparting a special blessing for success and divine guidance.

The congregation responded with fervent prayers for Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, invoking God’s favor and grace on his new endeavor. Many expressed their anticipation of witnessing the continued impact of the Oyedepo family in advancing the kingdom of God.



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