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VIDEO: Edo Pastor Hilariously Admonishes Promiscuous Married Men


A yet to be named pastor is gradually gaining fame for himself with his chosen style of preaching the gospel.

The nomadic pastor who is often seen at the Oliha axis of Benin city in Edo state is known as a disciplinarian and a radical man of God, through the unconsented videos of him currently trending.

On this occasion, the pastor decided to admonish married men who are not faithful to their spouses.

In the video, he calls them vulgar names like ‘ashewo’, ‘criminal’ and admonished them to repent.

“Come oh, You when dey leave your wife, you go sleep with another woman, you are a criminal, you be ashawo.

“What’s wrong with your wife? Okay your wife nor reach you? A glutton man. Repent oh!”

His preaching videos are recently trending and noted for their hilarity.

See Video Below:






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