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VIDEO: Ex-president Jonathan’s Relative Cries For Help From Abductor’s Lair


A video which contains Mike Ogiasa, former Bayelsa State Commissioner and relative of former president, Goodluck Jonathan, wailing and pleading for his life from the den of his kidnappers, has been released.

Ogiasa was kidnapped from his hometown, Otuabadi in Ogbia Local Government, June this year.

In the sad video which was released, he is seen crying from a flooded grave with a sack over his head for some part of the clip.

Ogiasa pleaded “Is the money more important than my life?

“Any money that is available, any money that you can get, use it to release me.

“You are seeing me in the grave, please do everything to come and release me.”

The person who Obiasa was reaching out to was not revealed in the video, however, people has began to speculate that he may be talking to his relative, former president Goodluck Jonathan.

See Video Below:







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