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Video Of Reno Omokri Hailing Peter Obi Surfaces

A video of Omokri praising the former Anambra state Governor has emerged on social media amidst mounting condemnation of Reno Omokro by the majority of Nigerian youths for his recent campaign against Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi.

Reno, while describing Obi in the video, said, “I listened to this man, I listened to Governor Peter Obi, and you know ex-governor Peter Obi and the plans and the ideas he has. In fact, this man raised the bar of leadership in Nigeria. Since he left office, can you believe that this man does not take anything, not even a penny from Anambra State Government. And while he was there he was the man that built up Anambra State”.

Reno continued, “Do you know that Anambra State used to be almost educationally disadvantaged? But in less than 2 years Peter Obi brought them to be number one. We need people like him, in fact I am so proud of governor Obi. After listening to him today I was like do we have people like this man in Nigeria? I am simply very proud of this man. Peter Obi is a man that made money for himself in the private sector and have done same for Anambra State government”.

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