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‘What About Looting Public Funds?’ —Oshiomhole Challenges Ndume’s Call for Death Penalty

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu, Reporting

In a heated debate on the Senate floor yesterday, Senator Adams Oshiomhole stood firm against Senator Ndume’s proposition of imposing the death penalty for drug trafficking offenses.

The former Governor of Edo State raised a poignant question, challenging the inconsistency in the approach towards different forms of criminal activities.

“Please Senator Ndume, if you call for the death penalty for drug trafficking offenses, what should be the punishment for looting public funds?” questioned Oshiomhole. “Shouldn’t those who steal from the public trust face severe consequences as well? It is important to hold those responsible for misappropriating public funds accountable.”

Oshiomhole emphasized the need for parity in the treatment of crimes, advocating for severe repercussions for those engaged in corruption. “The punishment for looting public funds should be equally as severe, if not more, to discourage corruption and protect the interests of the people,” he asserted. “This would send a strong message that such criminal acts will not be tolerated.”



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