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Workers’ Day: Obaseki Commends Workers’ Transformative Role in State’s Economic Growth


Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria

In a resounding tribute to the invaluable contributions of Edo State’s workforce, Governor Godwin Obaseki has lauded their dedication and pivotal role in propelling the state’s economic prosperity over the past seven and a half years of his administration.

As the world commemorates International Labour Day on May 1st, Governor Obaseki took a moment to reflect on the profound impact of the working class in shaping the trajectory of Edo’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude, Governor Obaseki remarked, “This marks my final year in office, and I must say, the privilege of working alongside the industrious workforce of Edo State has been immensely rewarding. Together, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in our GDP by over 140 percent—a testament to the relentless efforts and commitment of our workforce.”

The governor’s sentiments were underscored by recent initiatives aimed at enhancing workers’ welfare, exemplified by the substantial increase in the state’s minimum wage from N40,000 to N70,000—an uplift of over 75 percent. This tangible demonstration of appreciation reflects the government’s steadfast resolve to recognize and reward diligence.

Governor Obaseki further emphasized the strides made in augmenting working conditions, citing investments in infrastructure, technological advancements, and incentives tailored to promote efficiency. Notably, Edo State has emerged as a pioneer in digital governance, spearheading innovative e-government solutions that have revolutionized administrative processes.

Moreover, the transition to the Contributory Pension Scheme at both state and local government levels ensures a secure post-retirement future for employees, underlining the administration’s commitment to holistic welfare reforms. The governor’s vision extends beyond tangible benefits, prioritizing a conducive work environment that fosters meritocracy, technological proficiency, and a harmonious work-life equilibrium.

Highlighting a significant milestone, Governor Obaseki inaugurated the Labour House—a landmark edifice symbolizing the rich legacy of the Nigerian Labour Movement.



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