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‘You’ve Done Enough’ —Rivers Assembly Member Issues Blunt Warning to Gov. Fubara

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Rivers State, Nigeria


In a bold and uncompromising declaration, Rivers State House of Assembly Member, Enemi Alabo George, has directed a stern admonishment towards Governor Sim Fubara, asserting that the governor has crossed a line.

In a scathing post published on his verified Facebook account on Thursday, Alabo didn’t mince words as he called out Governor Fubara for what he described as a series of egregious actions.

The assembly member accused the governor of resorting to intimidation tactics, including breaking into the quarters of the Rivers State House of Assembly, threatening and harassing individuals, and instilling fear through acts of violence.

Alabo’s post vividly recounts a string of incidents, including the forcible entry into the assembly quarters, the destruction of the hallowed chambers, and the attack on the residence of the House Speaker, resulting in tragic fatalities. Despite these provocations, Alabo noted, the assembly refrained from retaliation, viewing them as the “madness of a minute.”

However, Alabo’s patience appears to have gone thin as he directly challenged Governor Fubara for the first time. He questioned the governor’s actions and motives, particularly in light of their shared history of friendship and collaboration. Alabo reminded Fubara of their past camaraderie, highlighting their joint endeavors during their time at Zenith Bank and their collaborative effort in pursuing a Master’s Degree together.

Drawing attention to the substantial support he provided to Fubara’s gubernatorial ambitions, Alabo underscored his role in mobilizing professionals from various spheres to bolster the governor’s campaign. He even recounted orchestrating an opportunity for Fubara to present his blueprint to the people of Rivers State, emphasizing his instrumental role in facilitating Fubara’s ascent to power.

With palpable disappointment and a sense of betrayal, Alabo conveyed his belief that Governor Fubara has exceeded the limits of tolerable conduct. He questioned the governor’s failure to confront him directly despite knowing his whereabouts, implying a lack of courage or integrity on Fubara’s part.

In his closing remark, Alabo delivered a stark verdict, bluntly stating, “You have done enough.” It is a declaration that reverberates with the weight of disillusionment and a resolve to no longer turn a blind eye to perceived transgressions.



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