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35 Legislators Propose Constitutional Amendment Contained in 2014 Confab Report

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja , Nigeria

A coalition of thirty-five federal lawmakers, known as Reformed Minded Lawmakers, has introduced a constitutional amendment aimed at establishing a single six-year term for the president and governors. This initiative, unveiled during a press briefing at the National Assembly on Monday, June 10, seeks to streamline governance processes and curtail electoral expenses.

Truth Live News gathered that during the session, spokesperson for the move Hon. Ikenga Ugochinyere stressed the need to synchronize all electoral activities, from local council to presidential elections, on a single day. The proponents argued that this measure would economize resources and safeguard the integrity of electoral outcomes.

Additionally, the legislators emphasized the urgency of resolving pre-election disputes at least 30 days before polling day to bolster the credibility of the electoral system. They proposed implementing a rotational presidency system to reflect the nation’s six geopolitical zones and suggested appointing two vice presidents to manage contingencies such as presidential incapacitation.

Key recommendations put forth by the lawmakers include:

• Conducting simultaneous elections to reduce costs and enhance electoral integrity.
• Amending the Constitution to establish a single six-year term for the president and governors to optimize governance efficiency and national stability.
• Introducing a rotational presidency to ensure equitable representation and mitigate demands for state creation.
• Creating two vice-presidential roles, with one designated as a successor and the other tasked with economic oversight.

The group further advocated for stringent penalties for electoral malpractice, including a one-year imprisonment term for electoral officials who fail to furnish certified electoral documents within 14 days and a 14-year jail sentence for individuals who engage in electronic result transmission discrepancies.

Observers and political analysts have expressed astonishment at the swift and methodical approach of the current administration in addressing critical reforms recommended in the 2014 national conference reports. Many believe that if the president and National Assembly can enact these measures, their tenure would be viewed as notably successful.



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