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Building A Sustainable Future: Asue Ighodalo’s Vision For Edo State’s New Minimum Wage

By Aruoma samuel osaigbokan

Asue Ighodalo, the Governorship Candidate of the PDP for the September 21 Edo State Governorship election, has laid out a comprehensive plan to sustain the newly proposed minimum wage in Edo State upon his election as Governor.

Asue Ighodalo, known for his strategic thinking and innovative solutions, emphasizes the importance of a multifaceted approach that focuses on economic diversification, efficient resource management, and robust public-private partnerships. His vision is to create a resilient economy that not only supports the new minimum wage but also fosters overall socio-economic development in the state.

Central to Asue Ighodalo’s strategy is the diversification of Edo State’s economy. He plans to reduce the state’s dependence on federal allocations by enhancing the agricultural sector, encouraging industrial growth, and promoting tourism. By investing in these key areas, Ighodalo aims to generate substantial internal revenue, which will provide the necessary funds to sustain the minimum wage.

Additionally, he proposes the development of special economic zones and industrial parks to attract local and international investors, creating more jobs and boosting the state’s economic profile.

Efficient resource management is another pillar of Asue Ighodalo’s plan. He intends to implement strict measures to curb corruption and ensure transparency in government expenditures. By digitizing financial processes and enhancing accountability mechanisms, Ighodalo believes the state can save significant resources that can be redirected to support the payment of the new minimum wage.

Furthermore, he plans to optimize the state’s tax collection system, ensuring that all taxable entities are duly accounted for, thereby increasing the state’s revenue base.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) play a crucial role in Asue Ighodalo’s blueprint for sustaining the new minimum wage. He advocates for strong collaborations with the private sector to fund and manage public infrastructure projects. These partnerships are expected to alleviate the financial burden on the state while ensuring the provision of essential services.

Ighodalo’s approach includes leveraging private sector expertise in sectors like healthcare, education, and transportation to improve service delivery and create a conducive environment for economic activities. Through these concerted efforts, Asue Ighodalo is confident that Edo State can maintain a sustainable wage policy that benefits all citizens.



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