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Dunamis Testimony Controversy Resolved Amicably

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

In a recent turn of events at the Glory Dome, the Global Headquarters of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, a testimony by Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna sparked a momentary controversy, leading to concerns over academic credentials and standards.

However, following an official statement from the church duly monitored by Truth Live News and a subsequent personal statement from Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna herself, tensions have been calmed, and the matter has been resolved amicably.

The scenario unfolded on April 14th, 2024, when Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna testified about her academic journey and divine assistance in achieving her educational goals. However, certain discrepancies in her testimony led to questions regarding the authenticity of her academic achievements.

Specifically, concerns were raised about her fluency in spoken English, the duration of her studies, and the nature of her degree. These concerns prompted Senior Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche to interrupt the testimony momentarily. However, it was later confirmed that Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna indeed graduated from a university, albeit with some clarification needed regarding her degree.

In response to the incident, the church released an official statement emphasizing its commitment to excellence and truth while expressing regret for any inconvenience caused to Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna. The statement clarified that the interruption was not intended to harm or embarrass the testifier but rather to uphold the standards of the church.

Subsequently, Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna herself addressed the situation, expressing gratitude for the concern shown by the public and affirming her commitment to the church. She emphasized that she holds no grudges against the church leadership and urged everyone to move forward peacefully.

She said I want to inform the whole world that I just had a warm meeting with my spiritual father and mother dr Paul Enenche and dr Becky Enenche.
I don’t have any grudge against the church or them
I remain committed to serving God as a member of Dunamis church.
I am thankful for the concern of the public.
I have put the situation at my back and I have moved forward and I want everybody to do the same. Peace.

With both the church and Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna expressing understanding and reconciliation, the matter has been effectively resolved. As the dust settles, the focus returns to spiritual growth and unity within the Dunamis community. Peace has been restored, and both parties look forward to moving past this incident positively.



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