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Edo Govt Confirms Employment of 200 Education Managers

Joel Osaigbovo Aluge, Reporting from Benin City


The Edo State government has officially confirmed 200 education managers, a strategic move aimed at bolstering the state’s education sector by placing qualified professionals in key managerial roles. This initiative is expected to enhance the administrative and operational efficiency of schools across the state, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes for students. This action underscores the government’s dedication to professionalizing education management and creating a supportive learning environment.


Ozavize Salami, the Executive Chairman of the Edo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), made this announcement during a one-day engagement event with over 400 education managers. The gathering included education secretaries and other basic education sector managers from the 18 local government areas of the state and was held at the New Festival Hall, Government House, Benin City.


Salami highlighted that SUBEB has seen a significant increase in student enrollment, with 50,000 new pupils joining within a single term, following extensive community engagement efforts over the past quarter.


While distributing the confirmation letters, Salami stressed the state’s commitment to rewarding high performance and hard work. She praised Governor Godwin Obaseki for his steadfast support, which has enabled SUBEB to implement substantial reforms in the basic education sector.


Salami elaborated on the government’s long-term commitment to sustaining these reforms, noting: “As part of our sustainability plan, we integrated education managers into the Edo State Civil Service during the first phase of the EdoBEST programme, which started in 2018. In 2020, we recruited 200 staff to further reinforce this initiative. Now, after completing their probationary period, they are receiving their confirmation letters today.”


She commended the education managers across all 18 local government areas for their significant contributions to the successes of the EdoBEST programme, stating: “Our achievements today are due to the political will and support of Governor Godwin Obaseki. The EdoBEST programme has been solidified over the years and is now effectively operating in Edo State.”



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