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Edo Guber: APC Faces Internal Turmoil Over Gubernatorial Candidate’s Disastrous US Visit

The All Progressives Congress (APC) is facing significant internal strife following the contentious performance of their gubernatorial candidate, Monday Okpebholo, during his recent visit to the US diaspora.

The trip, which many within the party have labeled a “show of shame,” has intensified doubts about Okpebholo’s ability to lead Edo State.

During the visit, Okpebholo’s repeated grammatical errors and intellectual missteps drew sharp criticism. His performance, marked by numerous gaffes, has been widely criticized as subpar, raising serious questions about his preparedness and competence for the governorship role. The backlash from within the APC has been swift and severe.

A senior party member and former commissioner in the administration of Adams Oshiomhole, speaking anonymously to our correspondent, expressed deep concerns.

“We cannot afford to put forward a candidate who struggles with basic communication and displays a clear lack of intellectual rigor,” the source said. “It is a disservice to the people of Edo State.”

Prominent APC leaders, including a former governor, have privately voiced their disappointment over Okpebholo’s selection, questioning the judgment of those who endorsed his candidacy.

The criticism highlights a growing rift within the party as it grapples with the implications of nominating a candidate seen as unfit by many.

Despite attempts by some to defend Okpebholo, the criticism has only grown, with many drawing unfavorable comparisons with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Asue Ighodalo. Ighodalo’s recent engagements have showcased his articulate presentations, strategic vision, and intellectual acumen, setting a high bar for leadership.

As the election approaches, the people of Edo State are closely watching, weighing the merits of each candidate’s qualifications and readiness to lead. The contrast between the two candidates becomes increasingly stark, with Ighodalo’s proven capabilities overshadowing Okpebholo’s glaring weaknesses.

The APC’s internal conflicts are a reflection of deeper issues within the party, as it grapples with the consequences of nominating a candidate who many believe is unfit for the governorship.



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