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#EDO2024: Edo State Primed for Prosperity, Says Asue Ighodalo

As the race for governance in Edo State heats up, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate for 2024, Asue Ighodalo, has expressed profound optimism about the state’s potential for growth and development.

Truth Live News reports that Ighodalo highlighted Edo State’s abundant resources and fertile land as critical factors that position it for prosperity. He emphasized, “Edo State is blessed with all sorts of natural resources and arable land. We can grow any product in Edo State.”

From the northern reaches to the southern shores along the Niger River, Ighodalo painted a picture of immense agricultural potential, suggesting that the state could cultivate a diverse range of crops. “We can grow nearly anything,” he asserted.

Moreover, Ighodalo underscored the importance of human capital, noting the passion and dedication of the people of Edo State to drive positive change. “We have the people, we have the capacities, and more importantly, we have the people that have the passion to do good in and around the state,” he remarked.

With aspirations for progress and a commitment to harnessing the state’s untapped potential, Ighodalo’s vision for Edo State’s future resonates with hope and promise. As the gubernatorial election draws nearer, his optimistic outlook offers a glimpse into the possibilities for the state and its people.

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