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Election Appeal Judgements: PDP Group Rejects Judgements, Questions Supreme Court’s Supremacy

Renowned Peoples Democratic Party group under tge aegis of The Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), has condemned in the strongest of terms, the judgement sacking the state and federal legislators from plateau state, Zamfara state governor and plateau state governor.

Recall that the elections tribunal and appeal tribunal sacked over five federal and state lawmakers from Plateau state, the Zamfara state governor and just yesterday (Sunday 19 November, 2023) Plateau state governor, all of the opposition party, PDP.

In a very swift reaction, the National Leader of the Concerned PDP League (CPDPL), Comrade Daboikiabo Z. Warmate, condemned and rejected the judgements expressing fears that, Nigeria is sliding from democracy to what he called judgemocracy or Judiocracy.

In his words; “We are saddened and afraid that Nigeria is sliding from democracy to judiocracy or judgemocracy. And it is a big shame that, the lower courts and election tribunals will wilfully insubordinate the judgements of the highest court of the land because, the courts have in a plethora of cases held that the court has no jurisdiction to intervene in the internal affairs of a political party which the supreme court has confirms. And that’s why I am asking if the supreme court is still supreme?”

Comrade Warmate went further to cite cases and pronouncements of some judges to buttress his point that the justices erred in their judgements; “In the case of ARDO & ANOR v. NYAKO & ORS (2013) LPELR-CA/YL/15/2012 (CONSOLIDATED), the court of appeal, per Per DENTON-WEST, J.C.A., held that; “However it is a notorious principle of law that courts have no right whatsoever to descend into the internal affairs of political parties as to choose their candidates for them.” This position is more vividly expounded in the case of AGI v. PDP & ORS (2016) LPELR-SC.256/2016, where the Supreme Court held that; “… a party is supreme over its own affairs…”

Also Olabode Rhodes-Vivour, J.S.C. had this to say: “…being issues on party leadership and membership. No Court has jurisdiction to consider them as they are not justiciable being issues that fall within the internal affairs of the party.” and Amiru Sanusi, J.S.C., in his own contribution said “the law is trite that Courts’ jurisdiction is ousted in matters dealing with internal affairs or resolution of a political party regarding nomination or leadership of that political party as in this instant case.”

“And recently in its judgment in SC/CV/501/2023 which was sighted for the Tribunal, the Supreme Court held that: “A political party that files a suit to challenge the nomination of the candidate of another party will be a nosy busybody, a meddlesome interloper, peeping into the affairs of his neighbour without any backing in law. No court of law can entertain such a suit.”

Comrade Warmate however, called for the implementation of the Justice Uwais Report saying that, “we are gradually moving from the electorate decides to judges decides in our political and electoral process and it’s a worrisome trend. And now it is only God and the common man himself that is now the last hope of the common man, no longer the courts.”

Also reacting from Ekiti state, the director mobilization, contact and organization of the group and former national secretary of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN), Comrade Gbenga Adedamola, said that,  “It is ludicrous when different tribunals give conflicting and diverse judgements on the same matter, a matter that has since been ruled by the Supreme Court and very recently at the Presidential Election Petition Court in APC v Peter Obi.

“The issue of nomination of candidates as well as membership are internal affairs of the party beyond the jurisdiction of courts. It is only a political party that can determine who its members are and who their flag bearer for an election should be.”

Comrade Adedamola commended the good people of Plateau state for expressing their rejection with a peaceful demonstration yesterday. He further added that he has been directed by the National leader of the CDPPL group to reach out to the Plateau state chapter, to urge them on participating in every actions of the party,  not excluding protest that will lead to the reclaiming the party’s about to be stolen mandate by the APC.



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