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FCTA To Mount Police Post In Warehouses

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting

In order to forestall further looting sprees of the nation’s palliative warehouses, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister of State, Mrs. Mariya Mahmoud, has said that the FCT Administration will establish a police post in all warehouses to prevent hoodlums from vandalizing and looting the items kept therein.

She said this in Abuja after paying an on-the-spot-assessment visit to the looted palliative warehouse located at Gwagwa-Tasha.

Mahmoud described the looting as a very unfortunate incident, pointing out that the hoodlums carted away all the grains and other food stuff in the warehouse, including the roofing sheets.

“We are here due to the unfortunate incident that happened early hours of Sunday where hoodlums attacked this very palliative warehouse and looted everything that is here.

“Not only food items, including the roofing, windows, and even the gates of this place were carted away.

“You can see the level of damage.”

“There is nothing that is left here, including machineries that are used for the processing of some of the food in the warehouse”, Mahmoud said.



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