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Ighodalo Sympathizes with Victims of Edo Flash Flood, Says ‘You Are Not Alone’

Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the upcoming September Governorship Election in Edo State, has expressed his heartfelt sympathy to all victims of the recent flash flood in the state, particularly those in Benin GRA.

In a statement made available by Team Asue Media Organisation (TAMO) to Truth Live News  on Sunday, Dr. Ighodalo urged all those affected to understand that he feels their pain and anguish deeply and shares in their suffering. He also encouraged them not to despair but to continue exhibiting the spirit of perseverance for which the average Edo man and woman is renowned.

The statement read in part:

“I wish to express my profound sympathy with all the victims of the recent flash flood in our dear state, particularly in Benin GRA. Seeing those clips filled me with deep pain in my heart. I sincerely share your pain and anguish, the sense of material loss, and the mental torture or trauma.

“It is a pity that as humans, we are like helpless pawns in the hands of nature. Man has no known armor or defense against natural disasters like this. So, at a time like this, the most plausible thing to do is dig deep into the depth of our being and exhibit that spirit of perseverance, fortitude, and strength for which the average Edo man and woman is renowned. Let us remain calm, stoic, and hopeful. You are not alone. We are all with you.”

Dr. Ighodalo assured that efforts are underway to find a lasting solution to the perennial devastation caused by such flash floods in well-known areas of the capital city. He also acknowledged that the state government has taken measures to bring immediate relief to the victims.

He cautioned politicians to be wary of rushing to politicize everything, especially natural tragedies like flash floods.

“Rest assured that in no distant time, a permanent solution that will end this perennial devastation will be put in place. I am happy that the state government has quickly moved in to ensure palliative measures to arrest the level of misery and pain. Again, accept my sympathy,” he concluded.



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