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Edo Govt Harnesses Technology To Spur Investment

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting, Edo State, Nigeria

In a strategic move aimed at stimulating investment inflow, streamlining business processes, and fostering economic growth, the Edo State Government has embarked on comprehensive land administration reforms, leveraging cutting-edge technology under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Addressing journalists in Benin City, Osaro Grace Aihie, the Managing Director of the Edo Geographic Information Service (EdoGIS), underscored the pivotal role played by technological advancements in revolutionizing the state’s land administration system.

Aihie emphasized that the reforms have significantly bolstered the ease of doing business in the state, creating a conducive environment for investors while ensuring active participation and understanding among stakeholders.

Highlighting the core objectives of the reforms, Aihie stated, “Our focus has been on enhancing the ease of doing business through our land administration reforms.

We believe in providing investors with a level playing field and fostering community engagement to facilitate seamless operations.

Through collaborative efforts, we identify challenges, seek solutions, and proceed with consensus, thereby promoting a harmonious business environment.”

She further elucidated on the practical benefits accrued from the implementation of the new technology, citing a notable reduction in land-related disputes and instances of fraudulent transactions.

Aihie emphasized the importance of conducting thorough property searches to mitigate risks associated with encumbrances, thereby safeguarding investments and promoting transparency in land transactions.

Aihie reiterated, “With the introduction of this innovative technology by His Excellency, we have witnessed a significant decline in land grabbing and instances of investment loss.

By encouraging stakeholders to conduct property searches, we ensure that prospective investors are well-informed and protected from potential pitfalls.”

“This proactive approach has led to a marked reduction in double-dealing and fraudulent practices.”

In addition to streamlining land administration processes, the EdoGIS MD highlighted the proactive engagement with local communities, emphasizing the importance of registering land layouts to prevent conflicts and enhance the overall attractiveness of the region to investors.

“By fostering a culture of transparency and cooperation within communities, we create an environment conducive to business growth and development.”

“When investors perceive a community as stable and welcoming, it enhances the value of land and attracts further investment opportunities,” Aihie remarked.

The Edo State Government’s commitment to leveraging technology for sustainable development underscores its dedication to fostering a conducive business environment, driving economic growth, and ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all stakeholders.

Through collaborative efforts and proactive initiatives, the state continues to position itself as a prime destination for investment and business expansion.



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