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Massive Protests Erupt Across South West Demanding President Tinubu’s Resignation


Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

In a dramatic display of public dissent, citizens across several states in the South West region of Nigeria have taken to the streets, demanding the immediate resignation of President Tinubu.

The protests, which have gained momentum rapidly, signal a significant challenge to the current administration’s authority.

The call for President Tinubu’s resignation stems from widespread dissatisfaction with his leadership and governance policies. Demonstrators cite issues ranging from economic hardship to allegations of corruption and a lack of accountability as reasons for their demand for change.

The protests, marked by their size and fervor, have brought together people from diverse backgrounds, including students, activists, civil society organizations, and ordinary citizens disillusioned with the status quo. Chants of “Tinubu Must Go” reverberate through the streets, echoing the sentiment of a populace demanding change and accountability.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub and a stronghold of President Tinubu’s political influence, the protests have paralyzed traffic and brought commercial activities to a standstill in many areas. Similar scenes unfold in other major cities across the South West, as demonstrators voice their grievances with banners, placards, and impassioned speeches.

Security forces have been deployed to maintain order, but tensions remain high as protesters vow to continue their demonstrations until their demands are met. The government, thus far, has issued no official response to the protests, raising questions about its ability to address the concerns of its citizens.



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