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New Masquerade’ Star Actress, “Ovularia” Is Dead

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting


Mrs. Elizabeth Evoeme, popularly known as “Ovularia” from the popular 80s television series ‘The New Masquerade,’ is dead.

She died at the age of 81.

The Evoeme Emekalam family, in a statement while confirming her death, expressed gratitude to fans, friends, and colleagues for their support, and requested privacy during this time of mourning.

Friends, fans, colleagues, the family of the actress, Elizabeth ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme, would like to notify the public, all those who loved her and her work in ‘The new Masquerade,’ of her passing.

“Elizabeth ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme will be dearly missed and was extremely loved by her family and also by you, her fans.

“We thank you all for your support and for respecting our privacy at this time. God bless you all and may our dear Elizabeth ‘Ovularia’ Evoeme rest in perfect peace, now and always.”

Ovularia’s daughter, Justina Ngozi Evoeme, based in London, expressed her shock and grief over her mother’s passing, saying, “I need to get my head around what has happened.”

Truth Live News Media reports that the late Elizabeth Evoeme also known as Ovularia featured in the TV series of the New Masquerade as the wife of Zebrudaya (Chika Okpala).

These were some of the lead characters in that TV series. They are


Ovularia (Zebrudaya’s wife)

Jegede Shokoya

Ramota (Jegede’s wife)

Clarus (Zebrudaya’s Houseboy)

Gringory (Zebrudaya’s Houseboy)



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