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Nollywood Star Sylvester Madu Narrowly Escapes Gun Attack in Cameroon Film Location Tragedy

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Abuja, Nigeria 



On the 25th of November, gunmen targeted a movie location in Bamenda, Cameroon, where Nigerian actor Sylvester Madu, known as Shina Rambo, was present.

The assailants attacked a local snooker championship, claiming four lives and injuring over ten individuals. Sylvester Madu, who was in Cameroon for a film project, narrowly escaped harm, thanks to the prompt response of Cameroonian police, who secured his safety during the chaos.

The attack unfolded at Mile 3 Nkwen during a gathering organized by BIG G VIP, where unidentified gunmen opened fire around 10 pm. Witnesses attested to the warm welcome Sylvester received from Cameroonian fans prior to the tragic incident.

Truth Live News gathered that DAMA Films, the company behind Sylvester’s movie shoot, confirmed the attack in a press release, expressing their condolences and acknowledging the need for improved safety measures in future projects.

Sylvester Madu and his team had chosen a leisure spot in Bamenda for relaxation, but chaos erupted when Ambazonia Boys, also known as Amba Boys, alleged that the owner of the venue had not settled them for bringing Sylvester.

Tensions escalated, resulting in gunfire and panic at the venue. Sylvester sought refuge in the VIP section, later being escorted away by military forces dispatched to restore order.

Military intervention tragically came at the cost of four lives and left at least eight others injured. The disagreement between Amba Boys and the venue owner spiraled into a violent confrontation, overshadowing Sylvester Madu’s film project visit with unexpected and devastating consequences.



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