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PDP ‘Rescue Mission’ Diaspora Coordinator Blasts BoT Member, Waziri Over Comment On Wike

As Nigeria`s main opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, continues to seek ways to resolve the crisis bedeviling the party over the manner of the May 2022 national convention and the subsequent choosing of its presidential candidate’s running mate, a group known as the PDP Rescue Mission has called for a review of the prerequisite of becoming members of the party`s Board of Trustee.
Speaking through its Diaspora coordinator, Deacon Darlington Okpebholo Ray in reaction to “uncomplimentary, reckless and irresponsible” comments made by a member of the BoT, Mr. Adamu Waziri from Yobe State, the group asked why members who have contributed nothing to the party would continue to fan the abeam of trouble while critical stakeholders are working day and night to resolve the crisis rocking the party.
Mr. Waziri, a BoT member was reported to have cast aspersions at the person of the Rivers State governor, Barr. Nyesom Wike called him a desperate politician and kicked against the move by the leaders of the party to meet with the Governor.
While describing the former police affairs minister as a failure and a tribal bigot, Okpebholo Ray, who was obviously very angry as he spoke from his London home stated that people like Maina Waziri are not fit to be PDP a leader let alone on the board of trustees.
He said: “Ask Waziri what has been his contribution to the PDP since 2015 after he worked against Goodluck Jonathan even while serving in his cabinet, it is zero. Absolutely nothing.”
Okpebholo Ray asked: “When the Governor was going around the country begging those who left the party to return and appealing to the aggrieved ones to remain where was Adamu Waziri”?
“The problem we have in the party today is that people who did not plant want to harvest, and those who were running from the party when it seemed everything was down for the party are now coming out to reap where and what they did not sow”.  Where does that happen in politics? The UK-trained social media marketer asked rhetorically.
“As the leader of the party in Yobe state, while he sold out and betrayed President Jonathan in 2015, ask him how many votes he gave his brother Atiku Abubakar in 2019,  only 50, 763 which represented 9.08% while Buhari got 497, 914, which amount to 89.01%. This same person who should be at the back seat will still be the one making mouths and creating more and more crisis for the party”.
“The Wike he is disrespecting, talking to him with so much arrogance, disdain, and contempt gave the PDP and Atiku everything in 2019, in the face of attack from the federal troops. While Buhari got a little above 150k votes in Rivers, despite all the military and brut force used by Rotimi Amaechi, Wike and the PDP still polled 473,971 to deliver the state”.
“Unfortunately, these are the same people our candidate, Atiku listens to and has around him and they say they want reconciliation, whereas they are full of vindictiveness with egocentric and tribal bigotry. We are waiting for them”.
“Ask Mr. Waziri if the PDP has ever won an election in his Yobe State since 1999, it`s been zero wins for the party since this new democratic dispensation started in 1999 and he had the effrontery to be bad-mouthing a winner and builder like Wike,” the online news publisher and PDP chieftain concluded.


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