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Singer Harrisong’s Ex-wife, Alexer Peres Joins Nollywood


Alexer Peres, the estranged wife of singer Harrysong, has joined the movie industry months after a messy separation from the singer.

Peres is poised to make her acting debut in popular actress and producer, Destiny Etiko’s upcoming movie.

Etiko recently shared a clip of Peres on the set of the upcoming thriller, announcing her entry into Nollywood.

She captioned the video, “On set of Destiny Etiko Production. Meet my beautiful melanin @AlexerPeres, welcome on board my darling.”

Truth LiveNews reports that Alexer Peres and her ex-husband, Harrysong have been embroiled in a social media war following their separation.

Harrysong recently claimed that Alexer was unfaithful in their marriage and got pregnant for another man despite marrying her due to emotional blackmail.

However, Alexer debunked his claims, challenging him to provide evidence.

She claimed that the singer was the one who gave her all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases except HIV and Hepatitis B.



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